Tuesday, October 27, 2020


6 Week Pilates Fundamentals Course Online

Benefits of Pilates:
  • Improves posture,
  • Improves strength,
  • Eases back pain,
  • Can help with sciatica,
  • Improves flexibility,
  • Helps improve your ability in other activities (all the top athletes included Pilates in their training programmes),
  • Builds stability around the joints,
  • Relaxes the body,
  • Calms the mind,
  • Improves concentration,
  • Improves sleep quality,
And when done correctly is safe for almost everyone to do, most exercises can be adapted even for people that can’t lie on the floor. 
I sent a survey out to my class to ask what they liked best about the class… The top results:
Teacher (that’s me Jen Wilson)
The chat – class should be fun, life outside is serious enough thanks
The other participants – we are a very welcoming family, even online
The variety of exercises – that should be included somewhere!
I also asked them what would they say to encourage someone to come along…
They said:
How amazing you feel. Especially Saturday morning after a tough week at work, any tension headache clears and it’s a great start to the weekend.’
Jen is the best exercise teacher I’ve ever had’
‘You get a great sleep afterwards’
A class good for body and soul’
‘Jen is amazing!! Best teacher Iv ever come across’
‘Such a warm and welcoming class suitable for all bodies. Super friendly bunch attend.’
‘Gentle exercises to improve your fitness levels.’
‘Relaxed, friendly, positive Jen’s knowledge is extensive and can always alter the class to suit anybody’s ability!’
‘Great teacher, patient and understanding. Adapts class to needs on the day. Friendly environment. Lovely class mates.’
‘Positive vibes. Jen is flexible in working with each individual to suit their needs. Relaxing environment’
‘It is a very welcoming and friendly group of people.’
‘to get fit flexible and actually start to see visible results if you keep with it on a regular basis!’
‘It’s friendly, not too advanced, relaxed and enjoyable.’
‘It’s friendly. You work to your abilities’
‘It’s as comfortable as being at home and with no judgement. It’s a very relaxing and friendly environment along with many different exercises’
‘Friendly, bespoke Pilates, tailored to suit all needs and abilities.’
The online course will broken down in to mini workshops:
Module 1: Feet mobility, foot placement, muscle activation, breath, neutral spine, pelvic floor, core engagement, basic set up standing, lying on your back, lying on your side, lying on your stomach, kneeling table top.
Module 2-4: Introduction and different options and adaptations of 20 of the fundamental exercises I commonly use in class
Module 5-6: Basic beginners class 
There will be time allocated for questions at the beginning of each session.  
Next Start Date 2nd Nov 2020 Weekly Monday 5:45pm-6:45pm 
Investment £65
* 6 weeks live zoom calls (recording uploaded within 24hrs if you can’t make it live)
* Lifetime access to the recorded sessions of each of the fundamentals course classes 
* Unlimited access to any of my other live online timetabled classes (Pilates & Yoga) for the 6 weeks
* Email support throughout the 6 weeks to answer any questions
* Pilates fundamentals ebook 
If you wish to direct transfer funds via the bank, please contact me jen@iamjenwilson.com for bank account details.


Got a question before you book? Ask here


From the Ground Up FEET Online

If you love getting geeky and exploring your body and how it moves, this event is for you!

Nearly all of our movement starts from the feet.

These amazing structures at the ends of our legs are not only fascinating but totally under estimated, under valued and often under cared for.

If you have ever been to one of my classes we ALWAYS start with foot work.

The bottom photo (with my feet on the grass) was taken in 2017, the top photo was taken in 2019. My feet are stronger, have more mobility, are more adaptable…

What has that meant for me?
My niggling knee is no longer niggling
My hip pain has gone
I can comfortably sit in a low squat and it feels like a rest there (see photo in the event)
My balance is better.

Since I started learning about feet, being barefoot, the importance of agile, mobile, strong feet back in 2010 I brought it in to class. I have never stopped going back to books and signing up for courses to learn more (and I haven’t stopped).

In this workshop we will:
understand our feet better
mobilise our feet (and ankles)
work on strengthening the feet
reconnect with the amazing abilities of the feet
get a 2 minute daily routine to moblilise your feet

learn how having more mobile, stronger feet can help us:
move better all over,
get stronger faster (especially if you like to lift weights in the gym), move lighter and easier,
improve general flexibility,
help improve posture

Join me on this online Zoom workshop.
Investment only £22 (inc fees)

Sunday 27th Dec 2020 10am-12pm PAY HERE 

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