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Women’s Wellness Master Class

Are you struggling with symptoms of PMS/Peri-menopause/Menopause?

More and more women are struggling with symptoms including: cramping, headaches, migraines, bloating, night sweats, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, weight gain and more…

There are simple things that you can learn and implement to help support your system and relieve yourself of the symptoms.

In this master class we will:

  • understand WHY we have these changes
  • simple techniques to re-balance
  • how to work with a cycle (even if you are not bleeding any more)
  • create a routine and plan that works for you

Learn more in my Women’s Wellness Master Class

  • 1 hour recorded master class
  • Only £15.
  • Includes: recording, guided meditation recording, lymphatic routine, breathing exercises.

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Womens Wellness Support

Posture Project Master Class

It’s time to sort your posture with my…

Posture Project Master Class

Do you feel your posture needs improving? 
Is your neck sore?
Is your back stiff?
Are your hips tight? 
Do you creak and moan every time you stand up?
Are you sitting way too much?
Has your backside got a bit wobbly/flat? 
If you are working from home you will be moving way less than when you were at the office! 
In this master class we will:
  • Get movement into your spine.
  • Strengthen your back. 
  • Release your hips. 
  • Build a beautiful butt.     
Improve Your Posture with Posture Project Master Class
  • 1hr recorded master class.
  • Only £15.
  • Includes: recording, 3 x 10min mobility drill videos (available from time of purchase). 
Posture Project Master Class

What People Are Saying:

Thank you so much for that session Jen, I can really feel a difference just from that one class and I felt a connection to my body that I haven’t felt before. I can really see how I can incorporate this into other classes I do’.  ‘That was brilliant, thank you, I could really see a difference from the moves we did at the start to when we did them again at the end’  ‘ I liked you r emphasis on awareness and my attention was re-directed to my posture in a helpful way’ ‘It was great how you explained all of the moves and options and explained the move so I could think about the move when I was doing it.’ The teacher is smart, knowledgeable and genuinely considerate of all abilities’ ‘Excellent course, detailed guided instruction to meet your body’s individual needs, given in a caring and supportive way. Very knowledgeable coach. Loved the additional videos which you can use at your leisure.’ Setting aside a wee half hour or so a week has really eased up my back and hip pain, strengthened my pelvic floor and helped me get some relief from what was becoming quite debilitating beforehand. I would highly recommend!’
Mini Courses
These mini courses are great as an introduction or to give you quick sessions if you don’t have time to do a full class. 

Posture Reset

Posture Reset does just that, it helps you reset your posture, perfect if you are sitting at a desk too long or have spent 2020/21 working from your dining room table! Ease back pain, strengthen your posture and feel better in your body. Each video targets a different part of the body, you select which you need and go with it.  Start Your Posture Reset Now

Who Are The Mini Courses For?

The mini courses are here to help you find a way to work more movement and more calm into your life without taking up too much time. I don’t know about you, but anything that quickly distracts me from the madness of the world, doesn’t take up a lot of time and makes me feel better is a winner. Within each course, for the first 7 days you will get an email as a reminder to help you fit it into your schedule and get you in a habit. Then, you have access to these videos for life!  
Love Your Lymph
  • Are you feeling tense & stressed?                                                                
  • Have you got an autoimmune condition?                                                        
  • Do you struggle to lose weight?                                                                  
  • Does your body feel tight and stiff even though you stretch regularly?              
  • Can you suffer with headaches/migraines?                                                      
  • Do you find you are prone to puffiness around the abdominal area?                    
  • Are you prone to getting colds or always feeling stuffed/phlegmy?                    
  • Find you are frequently constipated?                                                                
  • Do you experience brain fog /mood swings / severe PMS?                       
  • Chances are you have an overwhelmed / congested lymph system.                  
  • The good news is there is something we can do about it… AND it’s really simple to learn.

My Journey 

When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2017 I was shocked, and since then I have been trying everything and anything to help my body heal.

However, when I started learning about the lymphatic system and it’s role in how our body functions, it felt like one of the major missing pieces in my puzzle.

Excitingly, since I have been implementing a daily protocol (which I will teach you in this workshop), many of my symptoms have seen great improvement. Since then I have been sharing this with friends and family who have been struggling too and they have seen a massive difference in their health too.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the basics of the function of the lymphatic system & the importance of it’s role in our health
  • How to assess yourself
  • A daily protocol to follow to get amazing results
  • Lifetime access to the recording

You can buy the recorded workshop by clicking below.

Love Your Lymph Workshop

Movement & Meditation Class

In 2020 I took some much needed time off over the Christmas period to rest and relax. However, I did put on a special online Zoom class to break up the holidays which I recorded. And, I got such great feedback from it, I would hate for you to have missed out, so you can purchase the recording of the full class. 


  • 60 mins movement class
  • 20 mins guided meditation (optional, I won’t be offended if you can’t /don’t want to stay

Buy your copy here PAY HERE  

Foot Stength & Mobility Master Class 

Do you struggle with plantar faciitis? bunions? sore or achy feet? poor balance? If you do, you are not alone. Many of my clients have had these complaints over the years and there are things you can do to help. 

That’s what I teach in this 1hr Master Class.

If you love getting geeky and exploring your body, how it moves, and how to help yourself move better, this master class is also for you!

Nearly all of our movement starts from the feet.

These amazing structures at the ends of our legs are not only fascinating but totally under estimated, under valued and often under cared for.

If you have ever been to one of my Pilates classes we ALWAYS start with foot work. I have started incorporating into the Yoga classes too. 

Since I started learning about feet back in 2010, being barefoot, the importance of agile, mobile, strong feet I have incorporated it into all movement classes I teach.

In this master class we will:

  • understand our feet better
  • learn simple techniques to help our feet work better
  • mobilise our feet (and ankles)
  • work on strengthening the feet
  • reconnect with the amazing abilities of the feet

The Benefits

  • move better all over,
  • get stronger faster (especially if you walk, like to lift weights in the gym or run)
  • move lighter and easier, no more thundering around like an elephant
  • improve general flexibility,
  • help improve posture
You can read more about my passion for working on feet in the blog

Learn more in my Foot Strong Master Class

  • 1 hr master class recording, plus bonus mobility drills.
  • Only £15.
  • Includes: class recording, mobility drill videos, email support if you have any questions. 

Foot Strength & Mobility Master Class

Pilates Fundamentals 4 Week Course 

Bad back? Sciatica? Pelvic floor issues? Postural problems? Prone to trip or fall due to balance issues? Weak tummy muscles? 

Have you been to a physio or doctor who has told you that you would benefit from Pilates?

Do you feel you need to improve your posture, strength, flexibility, balance?

Have you wanted to join a class but worried that you don’t know what you would be doing and feel like everyone else does?

My Pilates Fundamentals course is perfect to get the basics right. With this course you have my on demand videos with tutorials with 20 of the basic moves I teach in class PLUS 4 weeks of online classes dedicated to going back to basics perfect for beginners, the unfit, the inflexible, an active senior, overworked young’en, or someone looking to take back control of their health and movement.    

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Improves posture,
  • Builds strength,
  • Eases back pain,
  • Can help with sciatica,
  • Improves flexibility,
  • Helps improve your ability in other activities (all the top athletes included Pilates in their training programmes),
  • Builds stability around the joints,
  • Improves sleep quality,
  • Relaxes the body,
  • Calms the mind,
  • Improves concentration.

And when done correctly is safe for almost everyone to do, most exercises can be adapted even for people that can’t lie on the floor. 

Benefits of Classes Online On Demand

  • Don’t need to worry about what time you need to leave the house 
  • Word on the days at the times that work for you
  • No worries about traffic or parking
  • You can workout in your jammies if you want
  • There is no obligation to have your camera on if you don’t want to.
  • You will be on mute during the class so no problem if there is background noise
  • Because I am there live, I can answer any questions you have and offer options if you have an injury or condition that needs TLC

The on demand part of the course is broken down in to a library of mini tutorials:

Module 1: Feet mobility, foot placement, muscle activation, breath, neutral spine, pelvic floor, core engagement, basic set up standing, lying on your back, lying on your side, lying on your stomach, kneeling table top.

Module 2: Introduction and different options and adaptations of the fundamental exercises I commonly use in class: Single leg slide, shoulder bridge, table top, single leg stretch

Module 3: Introduction and different options and adaptations of 20 of the fundamental exercises I commonly use in class: Bicycle, crunch, double leg stretch, back extension, scissors, leg circles

Module 4: Introduction and different options and adaptations of 20 of the fundamental exercises I commonly use in class: Hundreds, half roll back, roll up, superman, side lying, plank

Modules 5-6: Basic beginners class

Course Includes

  • 6 on demand modules with tutorials to the moves
  • 4 recorded classes going through each of the moves 
  • Lifetime access to recordings
  • Pilates Fundamentals ebook 

Investment £47 


Pilates Fundamentals WED 6th OCT 2021
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