Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The Healing Rebel

The Healing Rebel 2022

Bigger & Better!

Life had been bloody tough the last couple of years and health: mental, physical, spiritual (whatever that means to you) should be the priority of YOU.

Are you always exhausted? I can help you learn how to rest well.

Do you always feel stressed? I can teach you how to find your breath and take a pause.

Did you find yourself comfort eating or binge watching Netflix? We will find other ways to nourish you rather than numb you.

If you have a health condition, did you find that it was harder to manage the last couple of years? I can share all the things I have done for you to choose what would feel right for you. 

I live with a condition called Crohn’s since being diagnosed in 2017 I have been making changes to my life. 2020 & 2021 were still tough! Getting rid of the things that make life feel heavy and exhausting, removing the things that don’t fill me up with energy and lightness became a priority. 

‘If you don’t change, you don’t change.’

I say that at the beginning of every course, master class, workshop that I teach. When you sign up, you are there for something, you want something to be different, or better. I want you to be living a healthy, happy life and have the energy to do more than exist. 


Looking after your health isn’t a linear process, so I am not going to make that promise. But, you will see progress if you are listening to your body, consistent with action and adaptable when needed. Having the right people in my corner, supporting me, educating me, being my rock to lean on is what has helped me. We need each other, this journey is tough, too tough to go it alone. I will share what I have learned and am learning with you what’s relevant to your situation.

With The Healing Rebel Programme you get instant access to the 10 pre-recorded modules PLUS for 2022 there is a quarterly live online Q&A session and an option to have a monthly 1:1 with me (paid monthly so you can opt in and out as you wish, no minimum term contracts). And, in 2022 I will be adding a new module, Nourish Your Nervous System.

Quarterly live Q&A Dates:

Saturday 8th Jan 1pm

All other dates TBC (a survey will be sent out to establish the best date and time for each quarter)







Video Training Modules 

  • 1 Introduction & Master Your Digestion 
  • 2 The Healing Power of Breath 
  • 3 Daily Routine & Sleep Quality 
  • 4 Rest & Meditation
  • 5 Making Friends with Your Emotions & Release Blocked Emotions
  • 6 Values – know & understand yourself for better decision- making and setting boundaries
  • 7 Food & Eating How to Eat to Feel at Your Best and Support Your Health
  • 8 Mindful Movement – move your body every way
  • 9 Self-Sabotage & Knitting it All Together, Making it Work For You 
  • 10 Love Your Lymph 

You have lifetime access to all the module content and any updated content will be made available to you.

In addition to the 10 modules, you also have access to 25 Pilates, Yoga & Meditation sessions that range from 10mins to 90 mins long and suit all levels of experience. 

BONUS The Healing Rebel 90 Day Journal for everyone who signs up before 31st Dec 2021

Never has there been a better time to take control of your health

With this programme you WILL be able to:

  • Wake up feeling fresh and with energy
  • Identify sabotaging behaviours
  • Understand eating, drinking and other behaviours that disrupt your health
  • Learn to adapt your routine easily so that it works for you and your schedule
  • Find a way to meditate and rest that works for you
  • Identify your triggers and remove them quickly
  • Move without pain / reduced pain
  • Make friends with your thoughts and emotions
  • Learn to deal with overwhelm
  • Develop your ability to say yes to the things you want to, and no to the things you don’t
  • Feel healthier and happier

This programme is NOT:

  • A weight loss programme (but weight loss may be a side effect)
  • A fitness programme (but improved fitness may be a side effect)
  • For anyone who is comfortable with their excuses
  • A substitute for medical advice but can enhance and offer additions to improve your health

Early Bird Offer (Ends 31st Jan 2022) £97 (saving you £100!!)

The Healing Rebel 2022 Course £97

90 Day Mentoring Package 

Self paced courses are great, you work in your own time that’s convenient for you BUT many of us struggle with accountability and that is where the 90 day mentoring package can help.

How It Works:

I am there to support you on your journey, help you implement the lessons, check in to see how you are doing, work with you to set your goals. We do this with a monthly call up to 1 hour, plus messaging via the app in between to check progress, and answer questions (in pre agreed office hours).

What Does It Cost?

The mentoring price is £297 (paid in 3 monthly instalments of £99), you are not locked in to a contract so if after the first month you don’t want to proceed with mentoring, that’s no problem at all, all I ask is that you give me a minimum of 7 days notice before your next payment is due.

How Do I Apply?

All you have to do is complete the application form. I want to be 100% sure that we are a right fit for each other. I want you to feel amazing and get the results you are looking for, as I am sure you do too!!



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