Wednesday, May 18, 2022

On Demand

Work With Me On Demand


Your time is precious, but so is your health and our schedules might not line up for you to work with me in person.

Not a problem.

There are plenty of options to work with me on demand with my pre-recorded library of classes, courses, book, workshops and master classes.





On Demand Classes

With a library of over 40 classes, Pilates, Yoga, Meditation from as short as 10mins and as long as 90mins you have a great selection to choose from. All full classes were recorded while I was teaching live online. Check it out HERE


The Healing Rebel

The Healing Rebel course has 10 modules helping you look after a variety of aspects of your health including lymphatic drainage, digestion, sleep, breath work, emotions and more. It’s a fantastic course that you work through in your own time, focusing on whichever aspect of your health needs the most support at that time. Check it out HERE






Workshops & Master Classes

Over the last few years I have run workshops and master classes and recorded them for those who couldn’t attend live. There is my women’s wellness, posture project, love your lymph, movement & meditation, foot strength & mobility and more… Check them out HERE¬†





My Book

In 2016 I wrote a book, 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit! It does what it says in the title. I often go back through these rules myself to sort out the latest shit that I am dealing with. The paperback book can be found HERE and the Audiobook (narrated by me can be found HERE






I love a hoodie, t-shirt and vest top… I am also a Rebel… So I thought I would design a small collection and found a company that print on demand (yeay!). Not only do Teemill print on demand, they also supply 100% organic cotton products, they recycle waste water on site, they ensure that the entire supply chain is paid a living wage and use NO plastic in any of the packaging… Ticking all my eco ethical rebel boxes. Check out the collection and order yours HERE




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