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Help the Heal Scotland Community

Heal Scotland has been set up by Lilia Sinclair who has a sincere passion to help Scotland be healthier. I (Jen) will be delivering some of the workshops to the community throughout the 12 week retreat, but we need to be able to raise funds to help subsidies the community – we are not in this for profit. That is why I am donating £3 from every book sold through this web page* to help raise funds.


From the Heal Scotland Website:

The latest research is showing that diet and exercise is only a tiny part of healing.
Faith, compassion, strong boundaries, determination, purpose, community and altruism also play a part. A big part.
If you are Scottish then statistically you are likely to die before our English brothers and sisters.
And if you are poor in Scotland then you have 8 years less to enjoy your time here.
We have a plan to change this…
​Are you in?

Never let anyone tell you how long you have to live.
We are more powerful and capable than you can imagine, the crazy part is you just have to believe that.
Conceive it, perceive it, believe it, receive it.

We are running a 12 week Healing Community in the stunning Kilmichael Glen at Barmolloch Farm from April 1 to June 30th 2019.
The biggest challenge for anyone trying to lose weight or heal is CHANGE.
Sustaining the changes long enough for the body to respond.
Healing is life rehab. Often people fail at home with inadequate support and lack of education and understanding.


We plan to CHANGE that.

We are giving you the opportunity to learn how to change your biology naturally.
To fully understand how to Pilot your cells for greater health and happiness.

This Retreat is for anyone really struggling with their health in any way, from alleged terminal or incurable disease to obesity and depression. Anything where you feel the need to remove yourcellf from your environment to fully Immerse yourself in natural foods and therapies for greater health and wellbeing.

​If despite what you have been told, allegedly terminal or incurable you would like to try to change your health picture for the better
just for today, this is for you.
This project is to educate you on how to change, to support you through it, give you the latest neuroscience and reprogramming techniques.
Using education for transformation. You will understand why you get stuck and how to release that, how to refire and rewire your brain which in turn will feed the information to your cells and genes, which in turn has the potential to change your destiny.

Some people need to be removed from their old environment, and supported through this process to ensure success.
NB. We cannot provide nursing on this first control group, you need to be able to look after yourself physically.
We will be using the latest finding, techniques, protocols and neuroscience from the Worlds leading researchers and quantum physics in healing.

Our mission is to provide full support with all the latest science that has not yet been integrated into our current system, but is proven and working for thousands all over the World.
Healing nutrition – Meditation – Letting go – Rewiring the brain – Subconscious reprogramming – Group intentions – Education for transformation and other fun and enlightening feel good practises.

We will have 3 levels of support.
1. Full time
2. Weekends, videos, phone calls, app and protocols
3. Home based support with protocols, app, emails and phone calls.

Bonnie Scotland

We were a Nation famous for Inventors.
Now we are famous for being friendly, which is good, but also for our booze culture and fried mars bars, not so good.
Our indigenous food is super brain food, but most of us are not eating it now.
Mackerel, salmon, trout, herring, cod, all the shellfish plus the berries that used to grow wild, brambles, gooseberries, raspberries and blackberries around our homes before everything got covered in tar and slabs.
Food for the heart and brain is all around us, but not going through our bodies the way it is meant to.


I Am | Sorting My Shit, 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit

This second edition is the updated version of Become a Warrior Woman, 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit, a practical guide that helps you to take a step back from your life, work out what is going on and how to create a plan to take you to where you want to be.

Please allow around 7 days for the order to be processed and delivered. I am a one woman band doing my best.

£3 from every second edition 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit book sold through this link is going directly to the community.




*Books purchased directly from Amazon or Amazon Kindle sadly won’t be able to support the community as the cut taken for commission means that there isn’t £3 profit on them for me to share.

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