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Pilates & Yoga Classes

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Class timetable not suit? I have an on-demand library or I can offer private sessions 1:1 or small group either online or in person at my home studio in Springburn. Email for more information.

I am passionate about helping you move better, move with ease and help you relieve pain. My classes are suitable if you live with a chronic illness, or disability or coming back to exercise after an injury or time off.

I remember when I started teaching Pilates & Yoga classes, I had a woman in her 50s with 2 knee replacements who wanted to get the best out of her new knees. To see her getting down on the floor to play with her granddaughter 8 years later and know that she would be able to get up, filled my heart with joy. She was still coming to class all those years later and sometimes brought her granddaughter along when she was on babysitting duties. 

I have another woman who joined the class in her 60s because she was starting to develop an ‘old lady hump’. It was her daughter that told her she needed to come to class. At the end of the class, she was out the door like a shot. I didn’t think I would see her again after that first 4-week beginner’s course. 11+ years later, still attending class, still going skiing, standing tall and no sign of that hump!

One of my other long-time regulars has 2 hip replacements, arthritis, and osteoporosis… After both hip replacements, she was back at class 2 weeks after the surgery doing her physio exercises and adapted Pilates exercises. She now has full mobility and has a goal of doing 2 handstands* a day. The handstands are something she had always wanted to be able to do and wants to keep doing them and everything else she can, while she can.

*For insurance reasons I don’t endorse or teach her handstands – this is something she does on her own and often sends me photos which I celebrate and am inspired by her determination. 

I regularly deliver courses for the MS Society Scotland and have a variety of abilities from wheelchair-bound to able-bodied with challenges. Helping the group reconnect with their bodies and improve their movement is what gets me out of bed in the mornings.

Also, I live with an inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn’s Disease and need to adapt my own movements to suit my needs and symptoms.

Not sure what class can do for you? Book a FREE 15min Posture Analysis Here or click here >>>

Women over 40, 50, 60, 70+…

Do you need ways to move your body to ease tension and pain?

Do you want to feel healthier?

Is your posture in need of a bit of work?

Are you looking to increase your confidence?

Would you like to bounce on a trampoline carefree?

Are you living with a chronic illness or disability or returning to exercise after an injury or time off?

Joining class online can help overcome challenges in getting to class; the anxiety of being in a room with other people/strangers, transport, parking, childcare, time, and cost of travel.


For 2023 I have 3 Monthly Membership offerings for classes:

VIP Monthly £99 per month 

Up to 3 live classes per week (apart from the down weeks) either online or at my private home studio in Springburn+

Unlimited access to the on-demand library

1 treatment per month^: Massage (females only)*, Access Bars*, Sound Therapy*, Reiki**, Health/Nutrition Coaching**, or 1:1 movement session**

+Live classes are online or in person. Links to join the class will be emailed out and the same each week.

^ 1 treatment of your choice per month, if for any reason the treatment can’t be taken within that month it can be carried over to the next month, but must be used in the 2nd month. The session cannot be carried over twice.

* treatment will last up to 1 hour and will be at my private home studio in Springburn

** treatment will last up to 1 hour and can be either online or at my private home studio in Springburn. No minimum contract, cancel at any time.

Sign Up VIP Monthly member…


Monthly Member £42 per month 

Up to 3 live classes per week (apart from down week) either online or at my private home studio in Springburn+

Unlimited access to the on-demand library

+Live classes are online or in person. Links to join the class will be emailed out and the same each week. In-person space is VERY limited (max 4), so booking is essential, please email to check availability and book your space.

Sign Up Monthly Member… 

No minimum contract, cancel at any time. 

DIY On Demand £9.99 per month or £99 per year

Unlimited access to 150+ On-Demand Pilates, Yoga, Movement classes, courses & workshops includes: Posture Reset, Pilates, Yoga, Mindful Movement, Midday Mobility, PilatEase (seated classes), Beginners Strength & Mobility, Beginners Pilates, SitFit, and more

Sign Up DIY On-Demand Library…

No minimum contract, cancel at any time.

Pay As You Go.

If you can’t commit to a monthly membership, you can still pay as you go for classes with a 1 class pass

Buy 1 class pass…

If you would prefer to set up a standing order, please message me to get the bank details if you don’t already have them. 

2023 Down Weeks

Please note to ensure I remain healthy and well, I schedule my down weeks in advance and use this time to rest and recharge. My down weeks for 2023 are as follows

  • 22 Apr – 28 Apr
  • 28 Jun – 8 Jul
  • 24 Sep – 30 Sep
  • 17 Dec – 5 Jan 2024

Throughout the class I offer exercise adaptations are useful for anyone with; osteoporosis, bulging disc, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, Crohn’s, colitis, IBS, endometriosis or has ever had a cesarean!  I ensure that everyone in the class has something suitable for them they feel included.  

If moving better is your priority right now then Pilates & Yoga Live Classes and 1:1 movement therapy sessions are ideal.

Benefits of Live Online Sessions

You don’t have to leave the house

You don’t have to think about traffic or road works

Show up in your jammies if you like

No need to brush your teeth or hair before you start

Have music on in the background

You are on mute so no one else can hear your background noise (or your body creaking)

It’s up to you if you have your camera on or off

You can still join in when you are on holiday if you have internet and space

I am expecting you, so you have the accountability to show up

If you don’t live close to Springburn, you can still benefit from my expertise. 


Who Are My Classes For?

Over the years I have worked (and still do work with) clients in Pilates & Yoga classes or 1:1 sessions to help rehabilitate from injury or surgery. I also help people who have had knee and/or hip replacements, scoliosis, osteoporosis, arthritis (rheumatoid, psoriatic and osteoarthritis), frozen shoulder, bad backs, bad knees, nerve damage, MS, Crohn’s (I have been given this diagnosis myself), hyper-mobile, recovering from broken limbs, or generally feeling old in their body…


Participating in Pilates & Yoga can be adapted for almost anyone. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get down on the floor, lie on your back, front, or side. I can give you options to do the exercises seated in a chair or standing up. Pilates and Yoga can be suitable for pretty much any participant.



The benefits of Pilates classes include; strength, balance, flexibility, moving your body in all the directions you can. Pilates classes are excellent for helping you improve your posture, strengthening and supporting your joints, helping you get more mobile and building confidence in your movement.



The benefits of Yoga: flexibility, balance, moving your body in all the directions you can, relaxation. Yoga classes are excellent for helping you notice your body, help free up unnecessary tension, move with curiosity, reconnecting to your breath and body.

Want to know more about the differences between my Pilates & Yoga classes? Check out my blog post HERE


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