Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Zoom Links

Thank you so much for signing up for class.

I can’t wait to meet you online. 

If this is the first time (or you haven’t been to class for AGES) can you please complete the pre-activity form which you can go to HERE

Links to join Zoom classes

Pilates Monday 6pm https://zoom.us/j/527969649?pwd=N2IzK0VFNTlpYUk1WDJ1WFIrWFIyUT09 – This is a 90min class, 1hr Pilates class with 30mins guided relaxation meditation, you are welcome to just come on for the class at 6pm or just for the meditation at 7pm or stay for it all.
These are the same links each week for class, you can either bookmark this page (you need to have the url to access it, it’s not a public page on the website), copy and save the links into your notes on your phone, or if you would prefer to have them in an email, send me a message and I will email them over to you jen@iamjenwilson.com
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