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I AM | Zen

Meditation, Tea, Chat FREE Monthly Group

For a while this idea had been brewing about a meditation group and at 4am (thanks to the steroids I was on) I had a brainwave.

Usually the last Tuesday of the month 730-830pm (July & Dec the exception), a get together for group meditation, herbal tea, and chat around gratitude and setting positive intentions for the month ahead.

The spaces are limited to 10 for each session and are held at I AM | Jen Wilson HQ, 67 Lenzie Way, Springburn, G213TB.

No experience necessary, the meditations will be sitting on the floor (I have loads of cushions and mats to sit on.


Book your FREE space through the eventbrite links below. Please remember if you book a space and can’t make it along to cancel your space as some of the dates have booked up quite quickly.


23rd July

27th Aug

24th Sep

29th Oct

26th Nov

17th Dec

I AM | Moving Mindfully

All the best stuff for your body, mind and soul: Pilates, Yoga & Meditation combined in to one class. This workshop was first created and delivered by Jen Wilson back in November 2017.

Meditation is one of these things that we all need in our lives but for many we find it really challenging to actually sit down and do it.

There are so many benefits to having a regular meditation practice including; improved memory, reduced inflammation, emotional regulation, improved ability to learn, improved perspective, improved rationalising,

Combining movement and meditation has been shown to be beneficial for anyone that struggles to sit still and being more mindful within your movement helps you connect with your body making your workouts safer and more effective.

In the  week courses or afternoon 3 hour workshops Jen will take you through different ways to meditate, then incorporating it in to a Pilates & Yoga infused class.

Jen has a passion for helping people feel better, move better & think better.

Regular Class

Wednesday’s 7pm – 830pm

Exchange £60 (4 week block)


Next afternoon workshop

Please contact to request a date

Exchange £35

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