Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Covid-19 Measures are in place and a detailed questionnaire needs to be completed before attending for massage therapy.

Also note, at this time I can only offer massage treatments to females. 


Physical touch is so important especially in today’s world where we are stressed out and have less physical connection with others. So often many of us can go through the day without truly connecting with another human being never mind experiencing any touch.

I can’t believe I am now pain free after years of problems with my shoulder’ Claire

Gone are the days that going for a massage treatment was a treat or luxury, nowadays its essential to heal the body from our stresses, constant stillness, prolonged sitting, hunched over desks, laptops, phones, or at the wheel of a car. Massage therapy can speed up healing from surgery, injury, reduces stress in ways that science is only starting to understand and can help relieve pain – there are some situations where massage is not appropriate so please fill out the contact form below first to discuss any conditions.

The connection we feel through touch stimulates the nervous system, it’s this system that we need to be responding in the appropriate way to allow our bodies to relax, restore, heal and let go.

The purpose of massage session isn’t for my hands to heal you (although many of my clients do say I have healing hands), but for my hands to allow your healing responses to be activated. The sharing of energy allows this to happen, when there is trust and acceptance the movement and pressure helps blockages to clear allowing pain and tension to release.

Types of Treatment Offered

Swedish Massage £50

Massage using warm oil with the intention to improve circulation, release tension and ease stress.

Sports Massage £50

Massage using warm oil deep tissue massage working around tightness and injuries to help heal.

Cupping £50

I use silicone cups rather than plastic and I use a gliding suction technique rather than static suction. The type of cupping I offer does not leave bruising on the skin like other types of cupping treatment can. I find it as effective and much more relaxing to have the gliding treatment over the static. I can however offer static if that is preferred. 

Dynamic Thai Massage £50

Having Yoga done to you. This technique is delivered on the floor and fully clothed, please ensure loose fitting clothes are worn for comfort and ease of movement.

Ayurveda Yoga Massage £50

A warm oil massage delivered with you lying on the floor. Hands, arms, & feet are used to deliver the massage along with some stretches where needed and appropriate

I have never had a massage where I was lying on the floor before, but that was SO relaxing’ Sheena

Reiki £50

Reiki is a hands on healing, complimentary therapy, deeply relaxing, reduces stress, promotes healing. During a Reiki session gentle touch is applied around different areas of your body encouraging your body to awaken it’s own healing process. 

Access BarsⓇ £50

Having your Bars run is the ultimate relaxation and stress buster. It’s like pressing ctrl-alt-del on your brain to quiet the constant internal chatter (and it lasts beyond your session!)

During the session you lie on a massage bed while gentle touch is applied to 32 different points on your head over the period of an hour. You get to lie back and relax and allow the magic to happen.

‘I recently had an Access Bars treatment from Jen and left feeling so relaxed like I had just had a massage! As a chronic over thinker I struggle to empty my mind but the bars treatment made me switch off completely and just stop thinking. Since then I have had a more restful sleep and have been able to manage my stress better without it leaving me feeling overwhelmed. I will definitely book in for this treatment again’ Lisa  

Please contact Jen for availability and bookings jen@iamjenwilson.com 

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