Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Do you feel totally disconnected from your own body, mind, decisions, life? Have you been disconnected so long that you have no memory of being connected?

Do you find you constantly say yes to everyone except yourself?

Do you have aches and pains in your body that you have no idea how they got there or what you have been doing?

Are you aware of the effects of the food and drink you are consuming have on your body?

Do you feel like you zombie your way through the day?

Do you make decisions based on what you think you should do or to make your life easier by pleasing other people?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you should get booked in for a reconnecting session, if you answer yes to more than half of these questions then you NEED to get booked in for a reconnecting session.

Reconnecting Session One to One

What to expect:

  • A pre-event questionnaire
  • A guided meditation on the day
  • A movement assessment (don’t worry, you can’t fail)
  • A reconnecting movement session (tailored specifically to your needs, may include hands on therapy eg massage)
  • A reconnecting conversion to establish a plan to take control of more of your life
  • Herbal tea & water throughout the session
  • A journal to track your progress
  • A guided meditation audio (emailed after the session)
  • Exclusive movement and breath work videos (emailed after the session)

Introductory investment 1 session £75 (Normally £100)

Introductory block 3 sessions (use within 3 months) £215 (normally £279)

Introductory block 6 sessions (use within 6 months) £427 (normally £555)

Availability: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday & Saturday daytime, availability is limited (I only book 1 session in per week) so if you are restricted by dates please contact me jen@iamjenwilson.com to check availability

If you have any questions please complete this form

3 hour Reconnecting Session Workshop

What to expect:

  • Small group, max 5 participants
  • A reconnecting movement movement master class
  • Breathwork
  • Goal setting session
  • Yoga Nidra (guided meditation)
  • Herbal tea & water throughout the session
  • Hot chocolate (vegan hot cacao)
  • A guided meditation audio (emailed after the session)


Dates TBC please contact if you are looking for a specific date

If you wish to direct transfer funds via the bank, please contact me jen@iamjenwilson.com for bank account details.


‘Hi Jen, it was so lovely to meet you today. I wanted to say thank you for your two classes. Both so different and amazing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me reconnect and remember why I love this Yoga stuff so much.’ Gillian

Hi Jen, thank you so much for having us. It was a brilliant day and I felt so relaxed when I left. I have been doing my breathing during the day but it has been so helpful at night when trying to get to sleep. Thank so much x – Siobhan ‘

‘Hiya ….. it was fabulous having you there, everyone is raving about it! They just loved it! Julie’

‘That was magical, just what I needed’ Julie

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