Friday, April 16, 2021

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At the end 2017 I ran a couple of Mindful Movement workshops and had asked those who attended what they would like to see moving forward.

Mindful Movement

There was a big request for a low cost monthly subscription to online sessions and I have finally got round to putting something special together that I know you will LOVE! Mindful Movement is Pilates, Yoga and guided meditation session that help you bring more awareness to your breath, body and movement.

So many of the women I work with struggle to find the time to get to classes or the timetables at their local centre don’t fit their schedule. Getting to one class a week is amazing but anything additional you can do is always a bonus. Short sessions (20-30mins) with videos to follow have been in demand from my clients for a long time and now it is here.

‘Hey Jen, finally signed up for mindful movement and just did the first Pilates session. Was running earlier and I can really feel it helping to find space in my spine. Looking forward to the next one!’ Claire

This amazing Mindful Movement online page includes:
20-30min sessions
Video Pilates – strengthens, tones, improves posture and flexibility through controlled focused movement
Video Yoga – strengthens, tones, improves posture and flexibility through letting go of tension through movement
Guided Meditation – strengthens and improves your brain, mind, connection to self, stress levels and ability to deal with stress, audio meditations 5-10mins or you can repeat as often as you need
Delivered through my app so you can tune in at a time that works for you and do the session that you want/need to do. The app does pop up with a reminder notification 3 times a week so there is a prompt there for you.
Perfect for:
Shift workers
Busy parents’ that can’t get to class (the kids can join in too)
Humans wanting more but don’t have time to get to classes
Humans living away from facilities that provide classes
Humans that just cant get to class
Humans that maybe have a health condition that prevents them from getting to regular classes
Humans that don’t really like being around people

Each session is approximately 20-30mins long so you can fit them in to a busy schedule.

You can get ALL this for just £9.99 per month (that’s not even 33p per day!) just click the link below.

Mindful Movement – Pilates, Yoga, Meditation

Check out how to navigate the app here

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