Sunday, September 22, 2019

One To One

One to One sessions are designed for your specific needs.

It can feel intimidating going in to a Yoga or Pilates group class when you are new and not knowing what you are doing, maybe you are told to go right to the front of the class or in the middle when you would rather be hiding at the back self-conscious of other people watching you.

Maybe you have pain, an injury, are living with a chronic condition that makes going in to a group situation uneasy for you because you need to have the exercises adapted for you or even some manual massage therapy is required.

Maybe class schedules just never work around your schedule.

Or even there is something specific you want to learn to do but the never teach in a group class or you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in a group situation (I have had clients that wanted to do headstands or handstands but were afraid of being upside down and we had to break down the fear and find ways to get them there – we were successful. I had another client that wanted to be able to do the crab and thought she was months away from getting there, we got her in position that day).

One to one sessions are perfect to work with and overcome all these scenarios.

We start off with a FREE no obligation 30 min discovery session to see how your body is moving, what it is you are needing and how we would plan out your sessions going forward.

Every body is different and everybody is different in needs, motivations, expectations.

One to one packages

4 sessions (to be used within 6 weeks of purchase) £200

8 sessions (to be used within 10 weeks of purchase) £380

12 sessions (to be used within 14 weeks of purchase) £540

I am Jen Wilson, I have been in all the above situations myself and found one to one sessions the perfect way to progress which is why I am passionate about offering these sessions to you. I have worked in the fitness industry since 2009, I have been living with Crohn’s since 2017 and have been successfully managing it medication free since 2018. I believe in ongoing and continuing education. I am never not enrolled in a workshop, course, programme or reading books that develop my skills and knowledge, I am a geek loud and proud.

I believe it is important to have a discovery session before you book up for your first block to make sure that we are the right match for each other. I also think it’s important to get clear on what it is you are looking for and setting expectations. Every client is treated as an individual and you will be given homework to do between sessions. An hour a week with me isn’t enough to make changes in your body.


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