Wednesday, May 18, 2022

On Demand Classes

When I started my own classes back in 2010, my participants were asking me to record a DVD for them, back in those days it was much harder to do, now we have the easier technology, their wish was my command and I have created a package of Pilates, Yoga and meditation classes online that you can access on demand.

On Demand

With life being so up in the air, many of the people wanting to work with me were struggling to find the time to get to classes, or my regular participants wanted to do a bit more, but the timetable didn’t suit their availability or they wanted to do more but not full 1 hour classes.

Why My On Demand Classes

There are hundreds of free sessions available on the internet, but are they with a teacher that you can reach out to and you can discuss what’s going on in your body and get guidance on which sessions would suit you best and things to be aware of when you are doing the session? That’s exactly what you get when you work with me. Either through the app or phone/video call or via email or WhatsApp we can have a chat about what your needs are and I can guide you to which sessions would be best suited to your needs. 

What My Clients Are Saying

‘Hey Jen, finally signed up for the on demand classes and just did the first Pilates session. I was out running earlier and I can really feel it helping to find space in my spine. Looking forward to the next one!’  Claire

‘My family are always kidding me on when everyday I say “I’m just away upstairs to do my session with Jen”‘ Shieleen

‘I love that I can even keep up with my practice when I am away on holiday’ Sarah

Delivered through my app so you can tune in at a time that works for you and do the session that you want/need to do.

Who Is On Demand For?

Shift workers
Busy parents’ that can’t get to class (the kids can join in too)
Anyone wanting to do more but the live class times don’t suit
If you have a health condition that means shorter sessions are better suited


The on demand subscription gives you a selection of over 40 session from 10mins, 20-30mins, 60mins and 90mins long so you can fit them in to a busy schedule or make a bit more time for yourself. You can cancel the subscription at any time. 

You can get ALL this for just £9.99 per month (that’s not even 33p per day!) just click the link below.

On Demand Pilates, Yoga, Meditation


PACKAGE OF 5 x Pilates classes, 5 x Yoga classes with a BONUS 3 x Guided Yoga Nidra Meditations for only £22

Bundle Includes:

Lifetime access to all content

5 x Pilates Classes: 24 mins gentle practice, 55 mins focusing on spine mobility, 55 mins beginners class, 57 mins gentle morning class, 56 mins strengthening class

5 x Yoga Classes: 28 mins gentle movement, 57 mins dynamic hips, 57 mins spine mobility, 26 mins movement with Sun Salutation, 90 mins session: 60mins Yoga + 30min yoga nidra

BONUS 3 Yoga Nidra Guided Meditations 12 mins ,25 mins, and 28 mins for deep relaxation
On Demand Class Bundle

POSTURE RESET & STRENGTHEN BUNDLE with 7 x mini posture reset mobility sessions, 4 x posture reset classes, 1 x reset & relax session AND a posture project master class, all that for a super budget friendly £29

Bundle Includes:

Lifetime access to all content

7 x 7mins (or less) Mobility Sessions

4 x 55mins Full Posture Reset Classes

1 x 30mins Reset & Relax Session

1 x 50mins Posture Project Master Class
Posture Reset & Strengthen

Check out how easy it is to navigate the app here

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