Friday, September 30, 2022

On Demand Classes

Work With Me On Demand

Your time is precious, but so is your health and our schedules might not line up, so have access 24/7 to my on demand library of Pilates, Yoga and meditation classes.


Subscribe On Demand Classes

ON DEMAND MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION ONLY £9.99 per month,(no minimum contract, cancel anytime) with access to a library of over 60 classes; Pilates, Yoga, Meditation as short as 7mins and as long as 90mins.

You have a great selection to choose from from gentle beginners sessions, seated sessions, posture reset and working with equipment (bands, balls, weights). 

On Demand Class Subscription


Don’t Want To Commit to a Subscription?

Class Bundles

Buy a class bundle, one time payment, with lifetime access to the recordings, that’s right, they are yours to keep (just like back in the day when you bought a VHS or DVD).



  • Lifetime access to all content
  • 5 x Pilates Classes: 24 mins gentle practice, 55 mins focusing on spine mobility, 55 mins beginners class, 57 mins gentle morning class, 56 mins strengthening class
  • 5 x Yoga Classes: 28 mins gentle movement, 57 mins dynamic hips, 57 mins spine mobility, 26 mins movement with Sun Salutation, 90 mins session: 60mins Yoga + 30min yoga nidra
  • BONUS 3 Yoga Nidra Guided Meditations 12 mins ,25 mins, and 28 mins for deep relaxation

On Demand Class Bundle £22




  • Lifetime access to all content
  • 7 x 7mins (or less) Mobility Sessions
  • 4 x 55mins Full Posture Reset Classes
  • 1 x 30mins Reset & Relax Session
  • 1 x 50mins Posture Project Master Class

Posture Reset & Strengthen Bundle £37

PILATEASE – Gently Does It, Let’s Get Started BUNDLE 


  • Lifetime access to all content
  • 1 x 24min Pilates Gentle Session
  • 7 x 40min Mobility & Gentle Movement Sessions: Options; seated, standing & lying

PilatEase – Gently Does It, Let’s Get Moving £25

Need A Bit More Help? Upgrade to VIP 


How many times have you signed up for a subscription with the best of intentions, except, you never quite get round to taking action… Hands up all the gym members that are paying every month and not set foot in the place!! How many courses have you bought and never done?

Having someone checking in with you, holding you accountable is THE BEST way to help you succeed. So why not have me check in and help?

We arrange the days and times you plan to do your sessions and we schedule me leaving a voice note or sending a message (which you get to reply to) checking in… I am even there to answer any questions you have during set ‘office hours’.

Your personal accountability buddy for only £35 per month (no minimum contract, cancel at any time includes your on demand subscription).

VIP On Demand Class Subscription


The app is really easy to use, check out this short video to see just how easy it is. 

Other Products Available On Demand

The Healing Rebel Course

The Healing Rebel course has 4 base modules and 6 additional modules helping you look after a variety of aspects of your health including lymphatic drainage, digestion, sleep, breath work, emotions and more. It’s a fantastic course that you work through in your own time, focusing on whichever aspect of your health needs the most support at that time. Check it out HERE

Workshops & Master Classes

Over the last few years I have run Pilates, Yoga, Movement, Health & Well-being workshops and master classes and recorded them for those who couldn’t attend live. Available: women’s wellness, posture project, love your lymph, movement & meditation, foot strength & mobility and more… Check them out HERE 

My Book

In 2016 I wrote a book, 9 Rules to Sort Your Shit! It does what it says in the title. I often go back through these rules myself to sort out the latest shit that I am dealing with. The paperback book can be found HERE and the Audiobook (narrated by me can be found HERE)


I love a hoodie, t-shirt and vest top… I am also a Rebel… So I thought I would design a small collection and found a company that print on demand (yeay!). Not only do Teemill print on demand, they also supply 100% organic cotton products, they recycle waste water on site, they ensure that the entire supply chain is paid a living wage and use NO plastic in any of the packaging… Ticking all my eco ethical rebel boxes. Check out the collection and order yours HERE

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