Friday, April 16, 2021

Pilates & Yoga Classes

Important Update. Due to current COVID-19 all classes are now online through Zoom.

Investment options:

£10 per week BUY NOW via PayPal

£47 5 week block BUY NOW via PayPal

£90 10 week block BUY NOW via PayPal

If you would prefer to pay via BACS/bank transfer please email for bank details

Bookings made via text/call 07875 036659 or email

The body is made for movement. The more we move, the better we feel. I encourage everyone to find the movement they enjoy doing and do more of that…If you don’t love it, you won’t stick with it.

I love exploring movement through practising & teaching Pilates and Yoga, they are both safe and fun ways to move and challenge your body.

In both Pilates and Yoga I will always remind you to listen to your own body in that moment to only practice what feels right.

For the Differences, Similarities and Benefits of Pilates & Yoga, check my blog post HERE

I Am | Jen Wilson has signed Scotland’s Mental Health Charter Declaration of Support.

Scotland’s Mental Health Charter for Physical Activity and Sport aims to improve equality and reduce discrimination for anyone with a mental health problem, ensuring there is no barrier to engaging, participating and achieving in physical activity and sport.

Join the family. One of the things that I love about the people that come to my Pilates & Yoga classes is their welcoming, friendly attitude. A new member joined while she was working in Glasgow for a couple of months – someone in the class loaned her their blender so she could make soup! When another member was going through a challenging time with her daughter, everyone was there to offer advice. When I was unwell I was given gifts and looked after. There is a true sense of LOVE in the class.

To book in for a class email


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