Friday, September 30, 2022

Black Friday




In 2022 my prices are increasing for the first time in about 6 years (maybe more). This is your last chance to buy the master classes, courses or on demand subscription at these prices.

All Master Classes £15 each (Price for 2022 £25): Foot Strength & Mobility, Love Your Lymph, Movement & Meditation, Posture Project, Women’s Wellness

The Healing Rebel Health & Wellbeing course £47 (Price for 2022 £197)

Pilates Fundamentals Course £47 (Price for 2022 £97)

Posture Reset Mini Sessions £7 (Price for 2022 £27)

On Demand Subscription £9.99 per month (no contract, cancel any time) (Price for 2022 £12 per month)

Access BarsⓇSession Pass £50 **must be used by 19th Feb 2022** ONLY 5 AVAILABLE** Sessions at home studio in Springburn Glasgow. (Price for 2022 £65)

An Over View of Each

Foot Strength & Mobility Master Class £15

Helping you build strong and flexible foundations. A huge number of people come to me with knee & back pain. More often than not it’s their feet that are causing the problem. This 1 hour master class goes through the structure and function of the feet, common problems (eg bunions & plantar fasciitis), a mobility and strengthening routine.

Love Your Lymph Master Class £15

Your lymphatic system is your internal drainage system, if it’s clogged up there are going to be health issues from eczema, allergies to chronic health conditions. This master class takes you through the benefits of looking after your lymph system and I teach you a simple daily routine to get your body working better. 

Movement & Meditation Master Class £15

Good health is maintained by daily movement, good mental health is maintained with a daily meditation practice. This master class gives you a simple to follow 55 mins Pilates/Yoga based movement class followed by a 20 mins guided meditation.

Posture Project Master Class £15

Sitting is the new smoking when it comes to bad habits that impact our health. So many of us are sitting for more of the day than not. This posture project master class gives you a straightforward session to free up your neck, shoulders, back and hips and helps you build strength in your back & butt.

Womens Wellness Support Master Class £15

Menopause, PMS/PMT, menstruation issues, skin breakouts, hot flushes, excess weight, hormone imbalances. We women really get it all thrown at us. This master class takes you through some simple things you can add into your day to help support your health and minimise the disruption. 

The Healing Rebel Self Study Course £47

The Healing Rebel is my favourite course, and the best VALUE FOR MONEY. it includes 10 modules covering all aspects of your health & wellbeing.

Modules include:Digestion, Breath Work, Routine, Sleep Health, Rest, Meditation, Emotions, Values, Food, Movement, Self Sabotage, Love Your Lymph.

BONUS Just added: Live online Q&A quarterly, 1st date Sat 8th Jan 2022 at 1pm


Pilates Fundamentals Course £47

Whether you are brand new to Pilates or have been coming to class for years, the fundamentals course is an excellent course. The aim of the course is to teach or remind you of the basic key points of technique in 20 of the most frequently used moves in class. At the time of running the live course I had a client who couldn’t lie on the floor so I have included options to do the exercises sitting in a chair or standing at the wall.

Modules Include: Feet mobility, foot placement, muscle activation, breath, neutral spine, pelvic floor, core engagement, basic set up standing, lying on your back, lying on your side, lying on your stomach, kneeling table top, Single leg slide, shoulder bridge, table top, single leg stretch, Bicycle, crunch, double leg stretch, back extension, scissors, leg circles, Hundreds, half roll back, roll up, superman, side lying, plank 2 x Basic beginners class, basic seated movements.

2 x Basic beginners class, basic seated movements.
Pilates with equipment
2 x Full Pilates classes
4 x short Pilates classes
Seated basics

Posture Reset 7 Mini Sessions £7

Sometimes we just don’t have time to do a full exercise class. Or, maybe you just need something to free up some tension from sitting at a desk all day. These 7 x 7 mins sessions are great for a quick reset.

On Demand Pilates, Yoga, Meditation Subscription £9.99 per month

Our busy schedules don’t always allow us time to get along to timetabled classes. My on demand service gives you a library of over 40 Pilates, Yoga and Meditation sessions. Ranging from 10 mins to 90 mins long. Your class, any time, any where (you have internet).


Access BarsⓇ Session (Springburn, Glasgow) £50

Access BarsⓇ is the ultimate relaxation and brain reset I have ever experienced. The session involves you lying on a massage bed while I gently touch to 32 different points on your head. Only redeemable between 04th Jan 2022 & 19th Feb 2022. Limited availability. Subject to availability. I am only offering 5 places on this so I am able to book everyone in.  

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