Friday, April 03, 2020


That’s me… Jen Wilson

I AM | as a brand and as me is here to give you permission to be whoever the fuck you want to be… I am here to give you permission to be kind to yourself, the same way you are kind to everyone else around you.

We go through life being put in boxes that we don’t fit in, from a young age there is this system we go through (school) that tells us we need to tick certain boxes to be successful in life. We change and hide parts of ourselves (usually the best parts) to fit in. We follow trends that magazines, TV and social media tells us we should. We do the job that we fell in to, were pushed in to or think we should be doing even though it gives us no joy. We put stuff out there to get likes on social media so we feel validated. We have thousands of friends and followers across various platforms. We reprimand and judge ourselves for not being good enough, thin enough, tall enough, small enough, happy enough… The list goes on.

We are searching for something else. We are searching outside of ourselves when really we need to be looking inwards. We need to be kinder to ourselves.

Total cliché, but (I love a cliché): We are searching for our true self…Everything we need is within us.

That’s not to say we can want or have nice things, relationships, money… we can have all of that, but we need to have the right things that bring us joy, the friends and relationships that lift us up, help us to shine like the stars that we are.

The money we get and spend should be on things that make our lives and the whole world better – quality over quantity, locally sourced, environmentally friendly, supporting small local businesses where we can – that money all goes back in to the community, that money makes a difference.

Do you wake up looking forward to the day ahead or dreading it waiting for clocking off time?

Do you get to spend time doing things you love?

Do you do something that makes a difference in the world? (It can be anything from growing plants to volunteering)

Do you spend your money on things that make you feel good all day every day?

Do you smile lots and feel happy?

Do you go to bed at the end of the day with joy in your heart that you accomplished something?

Do you ever ask yourself ‘who am I?’

Do you find yourself identifying yourself as ‘I am ______’ fill in the blank with; mum, wife, teacher, lawyer, doctor, entrepreneur, house wife, sister, daughter, friend… or whatever label you identify with.

We are so much more than these labels. We can be all of these and more or none of these at all… You have the power and permission to be whoever and whatever you want to be.

There is a beautiful word in the Yoga language of Sanskrit that is ‘Namaha’ which means ‘its not about me’ or ‘not me’, it’s a word I like to bring in to my meditations when I find myself only identifying with labels especially when it’s not serving me!

I AM Jen Wilson.

Author, Urban Hippy, Yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, Meditation teacher, Massage therapist, Reiki therapist, mentor, coach, gardener, daughter, sister, partner, friend… ‘Namaha’.

In my past I have also been travel agent, wife, PA, call centre customer service agent, debt collector, administrator, waitress, bar tender, sales consultant, personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor, party girl, drinker, school girl, college student, university student… ‘Namaha’.

We all have different parts to us, they all exist, but are they who you WANT to be?

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